Crown lifting a Turkey Oak tree in Skipton, North Yorkshire

Our Services include:


Forestry Contracting
We carry out large or small scale contracts for estates from woodland thinning and maintenance to large-scale clearance and replanting   

Tree Surveys
Duty of care surveys are required by estates, private landowners and developers to determine the health and stability of trees. Surveys and reports are provided covering areas ranging from single trees in gardens to forest management areas and roadside verges   

Planning Advice
Planning permission is required when trees are subject to tree preservation orders or stand within conservation areas. We have good working relationships with all Local Planning Authorities and will work with you and the Local Authorities to achieve your aims

Crown Reduction
A crown reduction (usually expressed in percentage terms) is a decrease in the extent of the crown spread. Carried out sensitively to retain an attractive shape

Pruning a tree or shrub sympathetically to re-establish an aesthetically pleasing shape. Usually necessary when a tree has not been maintained for some time or has been pruned incorrectly in the past

Felling/Tree removal
In our working environments this is normally done by dismantling a section at a time. Trees are taken down as near as possible to ground level or alternatively, may be left as a high stump for the benefit of wildlife

Crown Cleaning
Removing dead or defective branches, or branches that have grown across one another. This is usually necessary for safety reasons

The removal for safety reasons of any dead wood from the tree’s crown. Deadwood can soon be dislodged in the wind and can cause damage or injury

Crown Thinning
Removing branches from the crown of a tree without reducing the height or the spread. This prevents the tree from becoming too dense, stops the tree from casting too much shade and is a useful method for allowing more daylight into nearby properties whilst retaining the tree’s size. It also helps the wind to blow through a tree that may be susceptible to wind damage. Whilst crown thinning, we also remove any deadwood and defective branches

Crown Lifting
The removal of lower branches to allow room beneath the tree for passing vehicles, mowing, pedestrians etc . Usually expressed in metres from ground level.

Wood Chipping
We process the smaller tree waste through a wood chipper. The wood chips are directed straight into our vehicle where we take it away. Alternatively, we can leave them in a pile for your own use on request. We can also chip up tree waste that you have created

Stump Grinding
Mechanically removing a tree stump so that the ground can be re-used. This involves the use of a stump grinder, a portable power tool (it can be of various sizes), chips away at the wood to 30-45cm below ground level, using a rotating cutting disk

Site Clearance
Completely removing all woody vegetation from a plot of land

Hedge Cutting
Trimming off and removing new growth from the hedge, using petrol hedge trimmers, leaving a neat edge

Hedge Reduction
Reducing the hedge in height and/or width. This involves cutting the thicker, woody stems of the hedge using chainsaws. The hedge is then trimmed and neatened up with hedge cutters Please contact us to discuss your requirements